Automate your business processes


Binfo GmbH is proud to be an official partner for the Philippines and the APAC region of Kissflow. We can take care of the implementation of the product from A to Z and help you to design your processes, your workspace and your future paperless business.



Automate your business processes

Who Uses Kissflow Workflow?

KISSFLOW is used in 100 countries by over 10,000 companies to automate their business processes.

What is Kissflow Workflow?

Kissflow believes that those directly related to work know best how to handle and solve problems, and they deserve to have smart and simple tools to do so. Kissflow is a digital no-code workstation where anyone can create an automated process and project board, handle a case flow and collaborate on work topics in an intelligent and easy-to-integrate platform. #1Prozessautomation

Workflow Management?

What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation defines a series of tasks to complete a process and then removes all manual steps. It's like watching dominoes fall in a cleverly orchestrated, harmonic pattern.

How does workflow automation help you?

From administration to finance and IT to marketing, workflow automation can relieve all departments of the burden of manual processes. How every department in your company can benefit from workflow automation software:


Human Resources

  • Dramatically reduce paperwork
  • Find candidates faster with automated approval, review, and recruit
  • Ensure compliance with all processes
  • Improve the visibility of the workflow
  • Offer a faster onboarding / offboarding experience 


  • Simplify document management
  • Save time on approval processing
  • Schedule automatic payments for recurring invoices
  • Build a smart payroll system
  • Integrate data with other accounting software


  • Delegate repetitive, minor tasks to the system
  • Work on workflows with team members in multiple locations
  • Together Make sure that all content is being delivered by the right people
  • Establish a consistent process to nurture and follow up quality leads
  • Autopilot multiple campaigns and monitor them from a unified dashboard


  • Simplify list creation by standardizing the process
  • Make sure all customers get the same treatment on the red carpet
  • Never let a potential customer slip through the funnel because of a mistake
  • Receive insightful reports and analyzes on ongoing processes
  • Send contextual welcome, thank you or promotional emails


  • Assign tickets and escalations to available team members
  • Avoid duplicate support requests
  • Confirm planned updates with stakeholders
  • Get an overview of Shadow IT
  • Manage assets and track usage trends

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